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Day 21 : Half-Life on Steam (1998)

by on Sep.20, 2010, under lutris

Lutris aims to be a Free software replacement for the Windows software steam. But in order to be complete, I have to support Steam itself ! There’s a lot to be done to fully support Steam but some progress as been made and it’s now possible to run Steam based games from Lutris. Of course, since Steam depends on Wine, you get all wine options in the runner’s configuration.

In the last post, i’ve talked about fullscreen windows. And now I’ve added more fullscreen support for Wine with an option to configure the virtual desktops.

With the latest Xorg update on Ubuntu 10.10 has brought total chaos to mouse input. If you try to run Half Life without a virtual desktop, Gordon Freeman will be forced to look at the sky and will never see the headcrabs crawling on the floor ! With the SDL version of DarkPlaces, it’s the second game that has mouselook issues in the latest version of Ubuntu. What I’m afraid of is that it could be a new behavior for Xinput and that every single game has to be updated to be compatible with Xorg 1.9. Of course, a lot of games won’t be updated and they’ll be unplayable on newer systems. I’ll have to do more research on the subject because it’s quite worrying.

With Virtual Desktops enable in Wine, Gordon Freeman can now move his head freely and is able to shoot the nasty headcrabs.

Besides the Virtual Desktop option, the Steam runner is pretty basic.  To run half-life you have to put “70” in the appid field and you can put whatever command line options in the arguments field (my setup has “-height 1050 -width 1680″).  There is no real steam installer yet, you have to install it manually with wine. Once it’s done, when you click on ‘install’ in the Manage Runners dialog, Lutris will ask you the path where you have installed Steam, that’s all it needs to know.

Here’s a screenshot of Half-Life in a fullscreen window.

The headcrab and the scientists have been pwned by a turret, this is the first encounter with the military forces.

The headcrab and the scientists have been pwned by a turret, this is the first encounter with the military forces.

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