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Day 13 : The Secret of Monkey Island with ScummVM (1990)

by on Mar.22, 2010, under lutris

Aah, Monkey Island ! One of my favorite series of all time.Today, if you want to play it legally, you should buy the Hi Res “Special Editioon” which also contains the game with the original graphics. The Special Edition runs fine on Linux, I’ve finished the game without any problem.

If you have an older version then you’ll have to use ScummVM to play (you could also use DosBox or UAE but ScummVM is better), that what I’m going to do today.

ScummVM was one of the first runners I implemented in Lutris but I fixed a few things today. You can’t just run a game with the command line, you first have to add it in Scumm’s interface. In order to do everything from Lutris, I’ve made use of the ‘Install’ button.

When you select ‘ScummVM’ in the list of installers and press Add it opens up ScummVM’s interface and you can add your game. When you have told what game to ad to ScummVM, you can go back to lutris’ main window and select ‘Import>ScummVM’ in the menu, it will automatically add the game you installed via ScummVM’s interface.

One improvement I should implement is to launch the import when scummvm is closed so you don’t have to do it from the menus.

Beside that, ScummVM has always been a great piece of software and it runs flawlessly on many machines.

So what? Why bother us ?

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  • Ubuntiac"

    I just wanted to say *thankyou* for the work you’re putting into Lutris. Being able to point new users to one place and say “You want games? Easy! Look at this…” is a major forward step for encouraging people over to our favourite open source OS (and by extension all the other great FOSSware)

    This is a great step forward, and I wish you well with the rest of your “33 days

  • Old School Game Blog

    Hi there,

    ScummVM is, as you wrote, a great piece of software. Can even run it on an Amiga 1200 (with an expansion). ;)

    The Secret of Monkey Island is a great game. Own the original for the Amiga 500. Did purchase the new special edition of both MI1 and MI2 when released. :)

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