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Day 9 : Alex Kidd in Miracle World on Sega Master System (1986)

by on Mar.21, 2010, under lutris

Boy, I hate Alex Kidd ! Was this game considered good in ’86 ? Why has it become such a ‘classic’ ?  And what happened to is hand ? Poor kid …

Nevermind, I promise you’ll see some good games very soon.

For the Sega Master System I chose Osmose which of course isn’t packaged. Need to become MOTU, need to become Debian Maintainer just to be able to play shitty games like Alex Kidd or Cosmic Conflict.

Building Osmose is quite easy if you know how to fix the #includes which are mysteriously missing from some source files (and I’m talking about common includes like string.h and stdlib.h). Weird.  Once this this done, just jam the osmose binary in /usr/local/bin and you’re good to go. (Remember, NEVER put things you compile yourself in /usr/share, this is for Debian packages ONLY).

I may take the screenshots I publish on the blog in windowed mode, I never would play that way. Windowed mode’s for losers. Always play fullscreen or go do something useful like learning C. The problem with osmose and people with a good computer (that means at least 2 screens and a NVidia card) is that the fullscreen mode stretches on both screens. That’s too much full screen for me … Well now Lutris has the ability to change resolution before running the game, and don’t worry, it will put things back in order when the game quits. This is quite useful for games that don’t know how to handle resolution properly like the Steam version of The Dig.

Alex Kidd in Lame World

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  • Neal

    Thank you for hating Alex Kidd. I hate him too, and I thought I was alone. I hate his stupid sideburns and I hate his giant monster hand.

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