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Day 6 : Lode Runner on the Apple II (1983)

by on Mar.21, 2010, under lutris

Today’s game was almost a failure. I couldn’t find a descent Apple II emulator out there. As I said earlier, I’m not dealing with sdlmess right now because it deserves much more time. I found and emulator on sourceforge called openapple which seemed to be what I wanted. I updated the Makefile to compile it on  a recent system and I couldn’t find a correct Rom file (even if I had Apple II roms for MESS). It kept asking me for a cxrom.rom which started by 0x0F00 by looking at the source code.  Well… no luck there.

Then I went for kegs which is an Apple IIgs emulator. I got it to compile an run but it wouldn’t load an Apple II Lode Runner floppy …

I will put Apple II support when sdlmess support is implemented, but for now I just want to find a quick way to let people play Lode Runner on Apple II.

So I added browser games support. Really simple, enter an  URL and it opens your game in your favorite browser.

Of course you can use this runner for any game in the browser, QuakeLive … or Farmville.

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  • Michael Pohoreski


    As an AppleWin developer I was curious if you could expand on what you meant by “I couldn’t find a descent Apple II emulator out there” please?

    Feel free to Rant or Rave about AppleWin. That’s one way for it to get better. ;-)

    AppleWin Debugger Dev

  • strider

    Hi Michael,

    There’s nothing to rant about AppleWin, it seems to be a pretty complete and mature emulator. The only problem I see is that it’s for Windows only and Lutris is currently exclusively for Linux. It would be a great thing if AppleWin was ported on other platforms (not only Linux but any OS like MacOSX, BSD, AmigaOS,…), portable code is usually excellent code ;)

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