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Day 5 : Zork on the Z-Machine (1982)

by on Mar.21, 2010, under lutris

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Zork is one of the first interactive fiction game ever made, it was ported on an old bunch of machines but we’re not going to be dependent of any of them to play this game. The game was written in a language called z-code and we just have to get a z-code interpreter to run it. Now that’s a portable game !

In Lutris I’m going to support the interpreter called Frotz. Nothing special about this new runner except it runs in a terminal, so I have to call it with x-terminal-emulator which will call whatever terminal you have set in your preferences (gnome-terminal, terminator, xterm, etc …)

Eaten by a grue

As usual, get the source code here : and have fun !

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