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Day 12 : Tetris on Game Boy (1989)

by on Mar.21, 2010, under lutris

There are so many Tetris clones out there, and yet the one on Game Boy is the one of the very few that get it right. Many poor clones don’t play by the rules and there are several essential things that make a good Tetris :

  • Don’t drop the blocks all the way to the bottom when you press down, instead accelerate gradually.
  • When you stop pressing down, the block must immediately stop to fall fast.
  • When a block touches the ground it must be able to move left and right until another block appears on top of the screen.

That’s quite simple actually but yet, so many clones mess this bad. Let’s take Quadrapassel, the Teris shipped with Ubuntu, it’s horrible! The blocks fall way to fast when you press down, you cannot move them once they touch the ground and the blocks move in a jerky manner. Quadrapassel is a very unpleasant Tetris indeed.

Today’s game also uses Mednafen, just like Super Mario Bros 3. There was very little changes in the source code. I only defined what controls to use for the game boy and that was it.

I know I messed things up, but it gave me the wrong blocks !

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  • Phil Cooper

    I agree, Quadrapassel is a horrible implementation of Tetris. I used to play a version of Tetris on Windows 3.1 that worked waaaay better and was far more responsive to keyboard inputs. With Quadrapassel one presses a key and then waits what seems an eternity to see the block react to the command. It’s essentially unplayable.

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